The Corps

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Nancy Kim, Tony Manna and Carlos Tesoro in The Corps

After multiple disputes between the President of the United States and the press, the White House Press Secretary, Royce Digby McCalister is forced to conduct press briefings in a real estate office in Bethesda.

Make America Bake Again

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Shannon O'Neill, Ashley Austin Morris, and Molly Camp in Make America Bake Again

With a little help from her cousins, Wisconsinite Mary Margaret Anderson tries her to darndest to make it on America’s favorite baking show.

All Souls

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Michael Potts & Chiara Motley in All Souls

The Reverend Morgan Thomas is the rector of All Souls Episcopal. Although he is dedicated to his congregation he is coming to having a crisis of faith and coming to realize he may no longer believe in God.

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Narrator Syndrome

Carly Robins & Jordan Mahome in Narrator Syndrome

Narrator Syndrome is a short comedy about a romance novel audiobook narrator with an overactive imagination.



Madeline Grey DeFreece in Ashes

Ashes is a short dramedy about 3 young strangers who are brought together when they all receive a package containing the cremated ashes of the father they didn't know existed.

The Vampire Leland

Tony Manna and Kathleen Butler & Ginna LeVine, LeRoy McClain, and John Tedeschi in The Vampire Leland

The Vampire Leland is a concept comedy pilot about a 35-year-old loser whose life is turned around for the better when he is accidentally turned into a vampire.

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